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The number of people who suffer memory problems as they age is mind-blowing. But you don’t have to let your brain blow a fuse as you age. Three activities you should start now can drop your risk of descending into dementia as your age ascends. According to research at Concordia University in Montreal, three ways to defend your brain include:

  • Do tasks that exercise your mind. Do activities like: Solve puzzles, engage in games like chess, go to live theater, read serious literature, learn another language and stay engaged with current events.
  • Vary your mental activities. Don’t do the very same mental exercises over and over.
  • If you feel depressed, take actions to boost your mood. Exercise, social activities and more fruits and vegetables may help. Seek medical attention for serious depression.

 Retirement usually occurs right around the time when normal age-related declines in cognitive function come to the fore. So it is important to understand what is happening to brainpower during this period and to identify risk factors for mental decline, as well as factors that will help protect against it. It is equally important to address symptoms of depression to help fight against cognitive decline.

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