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This is a handy design checklist to check when you are writing a ADO.NET implementation.


Things to check for when using Connection Object

  • Pool connections.
  • Explicitly close connections.
  • Specify CommandBehavior.CloseConnection if you are using DataReader
  • For single operations of Fill/Update do not open a connection explicitly
  • Avoid checking the State property of OleDbConnection.

Things to check for when using Parameter Object

  • Use Parameters collections when calling stored procedures/building SQL Statements.
  • Use the Parameters collection when you build SQL statements.
  • Explicitly create stored procedure parameters.
  • Specify parameter types.
  • Cache stored procedure SqlParameter objects.

Things to check for when using DataReader Object

  • Always Close DataReader objects.
  • Use CommandBehavior.CloseConnection to close connections.
  • Always Cancel pending data.
  • Use CommandBehavior.SequentialAccess with ExecuteReader.
  • Use GetOrdinal when using an index-based lookup.

Things to check for when using DataSets

  • Reduce serialization.
  • Use primary keys and Rows.Find for indexed searching.
  • Use a DataView for repetitive non-primary key searches.

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