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When you read the article Creating XML Trees in C# (LINQ to XML),, you will see the console output is


Child1 was cloned

Child2 was attached


You will have a question on why it doesn’t look like the one below.




In order to get the XML file there are code needs to be added like below.


staticvoid Main(string[] args)


  //Open the file for XML to write to

  XmlWriter xw = XmlWriter.Create(“output.xml”);

  // Create a tree with a child element.

  XElement xmlTree1 = new XElement(“Root”,

      new XElement(“Child1”, 1)



  // Create an element that is not parented.

  XElement child2 = new XElement(“Child2”, 2);


  // Create a tree and add Child1 and Child2 to it.

  XElement xmlTree2 = new XElement(

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