Two Spoons

Clockwise from left: parsley, baby mizuna, warrigal greens, rocket, cherry tomatoes, shaved carrot.

Being transplanted from quiet, familiar Christchurch to the concrete jungle of Sydney has done my head in a little, but this weekend I really feel like I managed to regain a bit of sanity. I picked up a beautiful little patch of baby mizuna, the sweetest sprayfree cherry tomatoes (which are still growing here!), and crunchy carrots at the farmers market. Then I joined my nearest community garden, where I picked some parsley, warrigal greens and rocket in the sunshine…bliss. I learnt a few new gardening tips on my first visit too – it’s great to learn from a group! The eucalyptus twigs that we were clearing from the garden beds are also making a nice little decorative feature on our eating table. A while back we visited the Pyrmont grower’s market, where I picked up…

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