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There was a time, long ago, when I was in college, and thought it would be awesome to crack code. This largely means digging into the bytes of an application, and seeing how it works, and possibly modifying the application code to suit your needs. Back in the days where just about everything was C/C++ or at least native code, this meant using a disassembler (like win32dasm for example) and strong assembly language skills.

Actually, before I go much farther with this:
Disassembling or decompiling applications, reverse engineering, modifying code, etc all have possible legal ramifications. These articles are purely for educational purposes. I in no way condone or encourage anyone to use their new found skills to circumvent security measures, gain illegal access to licensed software, or whatever else you might do. Be responsible for your own actions.
Alright then, onward…

In the age of .NET…

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