It's a Virtual Life

Check out this article on MSDN for a new feature in VS 2012 which makes asynchronous programming easier.  Here’s a brief summary:


Visual Studio 2012 RC introduces an approach that relies on two keywords, the Async (Visual Basic) or async (C#) modifier and the Await (Visual Basic) or await (C#) operator. The async modifier indicates to the compiler that a method or lambda expression is asynchronous and that suspension points can be designated within it by using an await operator. Such a method is referred to as an async method.

Inside an async method, you apply an await operator to a particular task to suspend execution of the async method until the task is complete. In the meantime, control is returned to the caller of the async method while the task completes its work. The suspension is accomplished without actually exiting from the async method, and finally blocks don’t run.

The compiler does the difficult…

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